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5 Best Electric Skateboards

Electrical skateboards have become popular and will come to replace vehicles. The following are top best electric skateboards that you can own in 2017.

1 – Boosted Board

The boosted board delivers an exceptional ride experience since it is powerful with a 2000W battery. Unlike many longboards it has two drive systems; the front and the reversible drive. The top speed is 22mph (35km/h) - Best Electric Skateboards - Boosted Board Electric Skateboard

Charge time is shorter, less than one hour, but the range is wanting. For a full charge of the massive 2000W battery, you only get 7 miles. This year the company has introduced the extended battery which is coming soon. The build quality is top-notch, produced in California, with aero-grade batteries, and metal used instead of plastics.

Due to the high-quality materials, it is heavy, and the specified weight is, 15lbs, about 7kg. Price is another disadvantage of the board: You can find it on Amazon at $1,499, where the rating by customers is almost perfect.

2 – In Bound M1 Electric Skateboard

The In Bound is a strong contender of the best electric skateboards in the world. Top speed is at 22mph (35km/h), with four riding modes.

It has one of the best sleek designs and finish, and weighs 14.5lbs (6.5kg). It comes with a Bluetooth remote, throttle control capabilities and the Vision Mobile App. - Best Electric Skateboards - In Bound M1 Electric Skateboard

Charge time is about one hour, 30 minutes. But, you can get more batteries, which are easily switchable.

Note that, the rider’s weight, terrain, and speed of the ride will affect the range. Currently, it is available at $1,399 at

3 – Evolve Carbon

The Evolve Carbon is a long, heavy board weighing at 17lbs (7.9kg). The braking is smooth and will stop the board completely if need be, and will carry a load of up to100kg.

The design is sharp, resembling an F1, with a top speed of 25mph (40km/h). This board is not suitable for beginner riders.

Climbing hills will be easy for the board since it can handle an incline of 25%. The battery is 3000W, which gives a range of up to 31miles (50km). With that range, you can travel btw cities, and the Evolve carbon can replace a car with ease. The price is $1,959.99 available at

4 – Acton Blink S

The Acton blink deserves a spot on the best electric skateboards since it is small, light and highly portable. It only weighs 10lbs.

You can ride up to 7miles on one single charge. Cruising at 15mph (24/h) is a high speed, and has three riding modes for comfortable speed. It will take a gradient of 15% found in most hills. - Best Electric Skateboards - Action Blink S Electric Skateboard

The Acton App lets can help track distance covered, and for changing the speed mode, In addition to its numerous features it available at $599.00 on Amazon.

5 – Yuneec E-GO2

It is one of the smaller versions of the electric longboards. The E-Go 2 can travel up to 12.5mph, and the battery life can last for 18miles.

It has two battery modes; the first for battery saving; the second mode, which offers consumers more power is for high speeds. They come with a handheld remote controller, and you have three different colours.

The Yuneecs are the best electric skateboards regarding price; at $399 from Amazon, which is low compared to other electric longboards.

Verdict on the Best Electric Skateboards

When choosing the boards look at the cost, range and charge time, which matter the most. These boards are extra fast, and helmets are required.

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