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5 Hidden iOS Tricks to Master on your iPhone

An iPhone is one of the sophisticated smartphones as seen in its jaw-dropping features. It’s undeniable that it’s a smartphone giant with many people striving to own it, but only a few know to master it.

There are some hidden iOS tricks you probably never knew they existed. These tricks will help you unfold the wonders of this operating system and also help you complete tasks with ease.

Which Hidden iOS Tricks are Worth Knowing? - 5 hidden ios tricks

There are plenty of hidden IOS features to unwrap, but we have highlighted the 5 most important ones below. These hidden tricks will make you adore the iPhone even more.

Set Custom Vibrations

You’ve probably known about the custom ringtones even in the older operating systems where you can select a song for specific contacts. This feature undoubtedly helps one to know who’s calling them without taking out the phone from their pockets.

What happens when your phone is on vibration mode? The iPhone helps you customise the vibrations much the same way you do with the loud ringtones.

To set this, go to your contacts to select a contact to customise. Press the edit button visible in the top right corner and then scroll down to the vibration setting and tap it. There you will see optional vibration patterns to customise for that contact.

The phone allows you to create your own vibration pattern, too. Even for text messages, you can add a custom vibration pattern. That’s how amazing the hidden iOS tricks are. - 5 hidden ios tricks

Shake the iPhone to Undo

Imagine you’ve written a long text to your friend and for some reasons end up deleting it accidentally, how will you react? You’d probably be frustrated thinking about the hassles of starting again.

By shaking your iPhone you can reveal the undo/redo features. Hold the phone tightly, and they will pop out. There is also an undo option on the system keyboard which can be seen when the phone is turned into a landscape view.

Use Low Power Mode to Save Battery

With a plethora of brilliant apps that the iPhone has, your battery might last only a day while at the campsite for 3 days. The Low Power Mode can save your battery tremendously. Press Settings, then Battery and then select Low Power Mode.

A range of features will be turned off. These include reducing visual effects and turning off the apps that run in the background. The phone will be operating normally, but with minimal power consumption. For instance, you may not get your Facebook notification until you actually check for it.

Attend Calls Later with Remind Me Later Feature

At times we get to be busy to an extent of not being able to respond calls promptly. The Remind Me Later on iPhone is just one of the helpful hidden iOS tricks you can make use of. The iOS will remind you later to call. When the call is ringing, you can tap the Remind Me Later button above the slide.

You will have options, whether to be reminded when you get to the home or after a few hours. The power of the iPhone will use your GPS to know that you have arrived home. - 5 hidden ios tricks

Custom iMessages for Calls You’re Too Busy to Answer

The iOS enables you to reply quickly with a custom message that why you can’t answer the call. There are three optional messages such as “Can I call you later?” “I’m on my way” and “Sorry, I can’t talk right now”. You can actually replace either one and customise yours.

These are the top 5 hidden iOS tricks that will make your iPhone even more adorable. Many people do not have time to be going through the iPhone to unwrap these features. The sooner you realise them, the sooner you enjoy.

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