Android Lollipop adoption rate is so low it didn’t appear on Google’s distribution chart

Android Lollipop and Google’s distribution chart, what gives?

Google found a new version of the Android Palette OS 5.0 that had started with the Nexus and the Nexus 6. Now the problem is; what are the changes you will see that have been caused by the repair of this? Behold the Android Lollipop!

We will find out what follows with the update of this software if you choose to select it:

Increase battery life

The best thing to build into any software update is the intention to increase the juice of the battery. Every year, developers are in a race to make improvements like these that will help them achieve the holy grail of a longer battery life.  This time, when Android launches its new operating system after KitKat, the most important thing that becomes the main concern is the improvements that allow the extension of battery life. Android 5.0 Lollipop adoption rate is so low it didn’t appear on Google’s distribution chart

This is found in the construction of applications which are power friendly and avoid heavy demand on your battery resulting in a massive drain of power. In the latest update called Lollipop, Android has a focus on battery backup to help you get more juice from the battery. Battery storage features have been built in which are designed to give you the advantage of an additional life on your battery of up to 90 minutes.

With an expected reduction in the battery charge time to achieve a full charge, this is anticipated to be a significant improvement. Once your system has been updated to Lollipop, simply go to the settings and you get the option to enable it.
This is a great relief for those who are out and about a lot or spend a significant amount of time traveling.

The new Android Lollipop design

There should be a new design and a new look that suits the app that accompanies the Android Lollipop. This will inevitably generate a new look with consistency across your device.  The hardware design is something that supports better animation, improvements in response to touch, and the best experience on offer from Android to date. You will see many more transitions such as; subtle graphical performance improvements, three-dimensional visualization, clearer typography and more consistent iconography which make for a next level experience.

Changes in LockScreen

With the latest version of the Android operating system, you are allowed to host notifications. This comes as the latest improvements made possible by creating a LockScreen widget. As a user, you have the control to choose the type of notification you can view and obtain information.

You can also view the messages and alerts directly and quickly. The best part is the ability to hide sensitive content that is often shown in these types of notifications. You now have the ability to choose to see what you want; take action on notifications up front, or in private.Android Lollipop adoption rate is so low it didn’t appear on Google’s distribution chart

Create a notification

There are new options for users which help them to control how they receive their message. For example; you can arrange to receive messages at a specific time with the ‘do not disturb’ function. This helps you when you are busy with other things and don’t want to be interrupted.

Giving you the ability to improve the order of things in your busy life by allocating priority as you see fit. When scheduling a time warning, you will be able to get what you want, when you want it. That way, you don’t lose, even when you are busy. This update gives you the flexibility to improve incoming call timings, and you have the flexibility to choose to enable or disable the application as desired.

Custom Authentication

This time around with Android Lollipop you get the Smart Lock which will help you unlock your device by using your laptop, smile or car. These improvements are sure to be welcomed by many in our ever-increasing security-conscious world.

How long do you have to wait?

Well, the question is, just how long do you have to wait? The device will be updated to the previous OS Nexus 10, NEXUS7, Nexus 5. And as soon as the update is picked up by Google it will no doubt take off. It is expected that Lollipop will be available in November of this year.

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