- White screen on your MacBook Pro

What To Do When You Get A White Screen On Your MacBook Pro

A while ago I encountered this problem like you have recently; the dreaded white screen on your MacBook Pro. I searched online using my brother’s PC (yuck). After what seemed like hours of fumbling around with the clunky Windows operating system, and searching the net with not much success, I eventually figured out what to […] - White Screen of Death

Fixing the White Screen of Death Issue in Your Mac Book

If you turn on your Mac Book Pro, it may show a clean white screen, and you are not able to access any of the menu items, meaning you can’t go beyond the white screen. This is known as the White screen of death and could be caused by several reasons. Therefore, you need to […] - 5 hidden ios tricks

5 Hidden iOS Tricks to Master on your iPhone

An iPhone is one of the sophisticated smartphones as seen in its jaw-dropping features. It’s undeniable that it’s a smartphone giant with many people striving to own it, but only a few know to master it. There are some hidden iOS tricks you probably never knew they existed. These tricks will help you unfold the […]

TechMagy - Apple iPhone X release date

The much awaited iPhone X release date

Just when you thought you have seen it all, the news of the impending release of the iPhone 8 (revealed as the iPhone X in celebration of the 10 year anniversary) leaves you breathless. For many tech savvy people who know the value of investing in a premium smart phone, they can’t wait to get […]