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techmagy.com - 5 hidden ios tricks

5 Hidden iOS Tricks to Master on your iPhone

An iPhone is one of the sophisticated smartphones as seen in its jaw-dropping features. It’s undeniable that it’s a smartphone giant with many people striving to own it, but only a few know to master it. There are some hidden iOS tricks you probably never knew they existed. These tricks will help you unfold the […]

TechMagy - Apple iPhone X release date

The much awaited iPhone X release date

Just when you thought you have seen it all, the news of the impending release of the iPhone 8 (revealed as the iPhone X in celebration of the 10 year anniversary) leaves you breathless. For many tech savvy people who know the value of investing in a premium smart phone, they can’t wait to get […]

TechMagy - Apple New Feature on iPhone X

New Feature on iPhone X

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mW6hFttt_KE The iPhone has changed the world ever since it was unveiled by Steve Jobs last 2007. This year, Apple will launch its next-generation iPhone 8 on September 12th 2017 to celebrate the 10th year anniversary. Let’s have a look at more than just one expected new feature on iPhone X. Several speculations and rumours […]

Apple Watch to reportedly feature powerful CPU, 60 fps display, terrible battery life

Apple Watch to reportedly feature powerful CPU, 60 fps display, terrible battery life

Ever since Apple announced that it was building its own smartwatch, fans of wearables have been eager to see what the Cupertino company would deliver. Whether you love it or hate it, Apple has a reputation for excellence, and for waiting until it can deliver a superior experience that make previous products from lesser companies […]