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Bixby Voice Assistant Revolutionalises Samsung Note 8

With the continued advancement in the tech world especially in the field of artificial intelligence, tech lovers have continued to be served with mind blowing innovations.

One of such important innovations is in the area of artificial intelligence, particularly voice support technology that has without a doubt changed the feature of smartphones and other hand held devices.

Interestingly, technology giant Samsung isn’t leaving anything to chance as it has developed its very own voice assistant; the “Bixby voice assistant” which is available on its recently released Galaxy note 8.

According to the company, smartphone users have a lot to look forward to as Bixby voice assistant would definitely give the likes of Siri and Cortana a run for their money.

Guess you can’t wait to know what the all new Bixby voice assistant is capable of? Well, we too can’t wait to share with you mind blowing facts about this voice assistant that promises revolutionize the Samsung Galaxy 8 Note. Below is how the Bixby voice assistant is designed to work.

How it works

According to Samsung, there three paramount pillars that make the Bixby voice assistant a must have for any smartphone lover:

Bixby is designed to perform a complete solution

Just when you thought you have seen it all, Bixby voice assistant comes along and blows you away. This amazing voice assistant is much more than just a voice assistant.

It allows users to perform a broad range of interactions. According to Samsung, Bixby is designed to do just about anything you can do using the phones touch technology. Isn’t that amazing?

Bixby is contextually aware

Bixby promises to deliver an unrivaled user experience as users can now mix voice and text function using the all new Bixby voice assistant.

Bixby is built to understand natural language

Unlike other voice assistants where you need to use predefined phrases to communicate, Bixby understands natural language and can perform just about any command given to it. Bixby simply listens to your voice, interprets your command and performs the action without any hassle.

Here is how you can deploy the Bixby voice assistant
Activate the camera

Do you sometimes feel too lazy to switch on your camera to either record or take pictures? Let Bixby handle it for you. By simply giving it a command like “use camera” Bixby will instantly turn on the camera on your smartphone.

Surf the internet with ease

Want to enjoy a better browsing session? Why not let Bixby do the work for you. Bixby can easily and precisely search websites and bring you the information you’re looking for. All you have to do is give it a command, and it produces the action.

Send text messages

Make the most of your text messages by deploying Bixby to do the bulk of the work for you. Simply give it a command and viola it produces the action.

Bixby voice assistant is capable of much more. In fact, the world is yet to see the best in this voice assistant.

With time, users will be able to use Bixby to control their TV sets and even air condition units.

For Samsung lovers who truly want to enjoy the best of smartphone user experiences there is so much to expect from the all new Bixby voice assistant. To activate Bixby voice assistant you either press the Bixby button followed by a command or simply utter the words “hi Bixby.”

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