- White screen on your MacBook Pro

What To Do When You Get A White Screen On Your MacBook Pro

A while ago I encountered this problem like you have recently; the dreaded white screen on your MacBook Pro. I searched online using my brother’s PC (yuck). After what seemed like hours of fumbling around with the clunky Windows operating system, and searching the net with not much success, I eventually figured out what to […] - Intel’s Coffee Lake CPU Delivers 40% More Power

Intel’s Coffee Lake CPU Delivers 40% More Power

It seems that the most recent round of chips to be released in little more than the next 48 hours by Intel are destined to be quite the success.With the manufacturing based on the 14nm node, you can expect to witness something very much ‘next level’ from Intel’s Coffee Lake. The eighth generation chips from […]

Skylake - Intel roadmap update: Skylake on track for 2015, will debut alongside Broadwell-K

Skylake On Track for 2015 and will Debut Alongside Broadwell-K

With the buzz around Skylake, 2015 looks to be one that Intel is going to be remembered for. Even though Broadwell was more than fashionably late to the party, there doesn’t seem to be much that can slow this company down right now as they get set to unleash a 14nm wave of products based […]

cryogenic on-chip quantum electron cooling - Cryogenic on-chip quantum electron cooling leads towards computers that consume 10x less power

Cryogenic On-Chip Quantum Electron Cooling Drops Electrons to -228 Deg C

Imagine this; cryogenic on-chip quantum electron cooling. Yes, it’s a real thing! An electronic device that has the capacity to cool electrons to a chilly -228 degrees Celsius with no need for any external cooling system. Well, that’s what a team of researchers has been able to achieve at theUniversity of Texas in Arlington. These […]