Three Tips for When to Buy Bitcoin

How can you read the market and understand when to buy Bitcoin (or any other cryptocurrency for that matter)? I want to start off by letting you know I’m no market whispering whiz kid. You shouldn’t blindly follow what I do, and nor should you blindly follow anyone else. What you should do is invest […]

Where are my Bitcoins -

Where are my Bitcoins? How to Rebroadcast a Transaction

If you’ve been waiting a long time for a transaction to arrive in your wallet, you may certainly be a bit concerned about the reliability of the blockchain and any cryptocurrencies operating on it. There’s nothing quite as concerning as wondering if a transaction worked, where it has been sent to, and not knowing what […] - Transact Safely with Bitcoins

How to Transact Safely with Bitcoins

Bitcoin is increasingly gaining popularity as a convenient peer to peer electronic cash transfer system. The number of individuals and organizations turning to this mode of payment is on the rise. What are the requirements in order to transact safely with Bitcoins or with other cryptocurrencies? Without relying on financial institutions to complete the transaction […]