Tron Review and the Tron Coin Burn Date

Currently, the world’s 15th largest cryptocurrency, with a market cap of over billion dollars, and huge promises for the future, researching Tron is not an easy subject. In fact, when you dig through Reddit, a lot of people are asking ‘What does Tron actually do?’ which is met, more often than not, with trolls saying […]

what is ethereum

Lessons from the Blockchain: What is Ethereum?

What is Ethereum, and why should I care? So if you are new to the cryptocurrency scene you may have heard about Ethereum, and have been wondering what is Ethereum? When I first found myself in this space it was quite a while ago, and Ethereum was really still very new. What is Ethereum? Many […]

Will Bitcoin Replace FIAT Currency -

Will Bitcoin Replace FIAT Currency?

There are a lot of conversations going on at the moment with the buzz surrounding cryptocurrencies, the main one of which being Bitcoin. So, with all of this hype, the mad rush both in and out of the crypto marketplace, will Bitcoin replace FIAT currency? The interesting thing is that we are so conditioned to […] - Transact Safely with Bitcoins

An Insight into the Bitcoin Price Crash

The Bitcoin price crash has been in the headlines for a generous amount of time. Considering the fact that Bitcoins are treated as one of the premier cryptocurrencies out there, a crash in the price could certainly not have been avoiding during any form of global turmoil. The price of the Bitcoins showed a sharp […]