- most dangerous apps for android

7 Of The Most Dangerous Apps For Android

Android is one the most prominent operating systems in the world on the smartphone market. Its products have a much more extensive reach than Windows, iOS, Blackberry, and others. Most likely, you are reading this article on an Android smartphone right now, and you want to know “which are the most dangerous apps for Android?” […] - ergonomic technology

Ergonomic Technology Advancements in the Workplace

Employees have become more efficient and productive in the workplace with the improvements in ergonomic technology which has helped more people find the perfect fit. The increased complexity of technical equipment has meant that they often won’t deliver all the benefits, particularly if workers do not understand how they can use them correctly. The Ergonomics […] - cool things to 3d print

Strange and Cool Things to 3D Print

Remember when the world went crazy over 3D televisions? Luckily 3D printing has a bit more longevity than that. It turns digital computer models into real-world objects by building up small particles of material in thin layers to produce the end product. It’s a pretty awesome way to create all kinds of things, and it’s […] - how safe is nuclear technology

How Safe Is Nuclear Technology And What Could Be The Consequences

“How safe is nuclear technology?” Well, this has been the primary question revolving around the mindset of many people since we have become acquainted with the devastating power of nuclear energy. The inception of nuclear energy definitively brings about greater chances for humanity to outshine its very own limitations, but is the technology really safe? […]