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How Safe Is Nuclear Technology And What Could Be The Consequences

“How safe is nuclear technology?” Well, this has been the primary question revolving around the mindset of many people since we have become acquainted with the devastating power of nuclear energy. The inception of nuclear energy definitively brings about greater chances for humanity to outshine its very own limitations, but is the technology really safe? […] - Transact Safely with Bitcoins

How to Transact Safely with Bitcoins

Bitcoin is increasingly gaining popularity as a convenient peer to peer electronic cash transfer system. The number of individuals and organizations turning to this mode of payment is on the rise. What are the requirements in order to transact safely with Bitcoins or with other cryptocurrencies? Without relying on financial institutions to complete the transaction […]

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North Korea Nuclear Technology and its Consequences

The world seems to have been subjected to a rather delicate phase of time where certain nations seem to compromise the existent peace, especially with aid from North Korea’s Nuclear Technology. Among these countries comes in the name of North Korea, the self-proclaimed nuclear ace which is now at the brink of war. North Korea […] - SpaceX spacesuit design pod

Unveiling the SpaceX Spacesuit Design and Integrals

On the 23rd of August, 2017, Elon Musk revealed the first ever visuals of the SpaceX Spacesuit design which is set to be crafted for future space missions, especially keeping in mind the 2024 Mars mission. The design was portrayed on the official Instagram account of Elon Musk in which Elon Musk reveals that the […]