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Elon Musk Mars Mission On The Go

According to reports, Elon Musk, a billionaire entrepreneur has been known to unveil his plans for sending humans to planet Mars, designated as the Elon Musk Mars mission. He plans on making the use of advanced technology framed in his company, SpaceX.

In the astronomical conference held in Guadalajara, Mexico, on Tuesday, SpaceX was seen unveiling a video depiction of a spaceship enabled with magnificently humongous rockets which have been designed specifically for this mission. The booster rockets are designed to spate during the orbital exit following which the booster rockets shall bring the spaceship back to Earth. The booster is then programmed to refuel enabling the spaceship to ascend on its journey to Mars.

According to the official Twitter account of Elon Musk, the boosters are speculated to have a diameter of 12 meters and the spaceship shall have a diameter of 17 meters. The entire dimension of the “stack” is reported at 122 meters in length.

The video also shows the spaceship to opening up the wings of its integral solar panels which is designed for the generation of power. This generated power is expected to take the spaceship on a course of its Mars mission with the “human cargo” on board. The primary mission, as per the verses of Elon Musk, is to enable humans on ascending as a “multi-planetary species” across our solar system. - Elon Musk Mars mission take off

Making Elon Musk’s Mars Mission a genuine possibility

During the conference, Elon Musk was quoted saying that he is reluctant on making the Mars Mission a genuine possibility in the near future, instead saying “I want to make Mars seem possible”. This is definitely indicative of the fact that SpaceX is on a mission to send humans to the red planet as soon as possible.

Musk further went on to say that the video was an exact depiction of how the spaceship would function on such an ambitious and significant mission. According to Musk, there is a definite possibility of humans being subjected to an extinction phenomenon in the near future. The 2024 mission is actually rendered to being a step that would ensure that humans have a second home to their name.

Mars is also rendered to as the best option owing to the fact that it is the closest planet which is expected to be inhabitable. The environment on Mars is also speculated to sustain human life, though not at the point of inception. However, there has been evidence regarding the fact that Mars was once incorporated into an environment which was much similar to that of Earth. This proposition enhances the capability of the planet to sustain human civilization, though the effort is of mammoth scale.

The speculations of Elon Musk Mars mission have been on the wire for a decently long period of time. SpaceX has been reported on making plans of sending its “Dragon Cargo Capsule” to Mars as early as2018. The 2024 mission is actually scheduled to be implemented on 2024, which shall take humans to planet Mars within a time frame of one year.

The timeline for the Elon Musk Mars mission can actually be speculated to be kind of extensive, and aggressive as well. The mission is particularly driven by the vision of creating an inter-planetary race, while the entire phenomenon might just sound a bit too aggressive or ambitious for some. The cost of such a mission, on the other hand, is speculated to be in the billions, and certainly, a lot of research needs to be invested as well.

A major setback to SpaceX

One of the major setbacks to the ventures of SpaceX took place a few weeks ago when one of their Falcon 9 rockets exploded at the test center in Cape Canaveral. Despite the disaster, there were no casualties reported, but the entire satellite was completely decimated. Ahead of this disaster, the SpaceX project has accounted for 18 successful Falcon 9 booster launches, which in the scale of things provides a relatively positive outlook. - Elon Musk Mars mission crash and burn

Reducing cost ventures for the 2024 mission

The speculated cost of sending humans to Mars is around US$10 Billion, per person. Elon Musk plans on reducing the costs by a whopping 5 million percent, which would then bring the eventual cost down to as low as US$200,000. This step seems decently ambitious, but the billionaire seems reluctant on the possibilities of defeat in carrying out such a financial maneuver.

SpaceX is planning on reducing the project costs by creating rockets which can be reused at later stages of the mission. These rockets are expected to be capable of undertaking multiple journeys into orbit. This is one of the major unique selling propositions of the Elon Musk Mars mission, which could actually make the difference.

The venture definitely seems way more ambitious than the Tesla self-driving car did at the point of its inception. The benefit of the doubt, however, goes to the side of Elon Musk, since the Mars Mission has been on the radar of the world for a very long period of time.

The final take on the mission

The optimal number of humans on the spaceship for the 2024 mission is actually speculated to be as few as 100. The spaceship is to be designed using an “advanced carbon fiber material” which would keep the weight of the spaceship on the lower side when compared to its conventional counterparts. This advanced carbon fiber framing would empower the spaceship to gain a “lift-off thrust” of about 13,000 tonnes, taking it into orbit with relative ease.

Elon Musk’s wife was quoted saying that she actually has complete faith on the ventures of SpaceX and she hopes the mission would be a grand success. According to experts, however, the Elon Musk Mars mission is far from being completely designated as “worth the try”.

One of the officials was heard speaking of the fact that more than substantial research is needed to be carried out since the Elon Musk Mars mission is not about sending a rover to a distant planet, rather it is about sending a part of the human civilization into outer space.

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