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Fixing the White Screen of Death Issue in Your Mac Book

If you turn on your Mac Book Pro, it may show a clean white screen, and you are not able to access any of the menu items, meaning you can’t go beyond the white screen. This is known as the White screen of death and could be caused by several reasons. Therefore, you need to have it fixed. Here is what you need to do to fix the error.

Get a Backup of Your Data

Before you do anything to fix the White screen of death, you need to make sure that your backup is available. Therefore, you may confirm if you have all the necessary files on your external backup drive. If you have the backup, you can jump into the next action point. If you don’t have a backup, you can still get the backup even if the Mac Book cannot start up.

To get a backup, you will need an external hard drive with enough space.

Step 1. Connect the External hard drive to your Mac Book Pro, and Shut the Mac down with the external hard disk connected.

Step 2. Turn the Mac on and hold down the command and R key until the apple logo is displayed on the screen.  After the Apple logo, you will see the OS X Utility window.

Step 3. Select Disk Utility option and click on the continue button. A sidebar will come up.

Step 4. On the sidebar, you should see all the drives and the drive that you want to get a backup from should be displayed. Select the drive and clicks verify the drive.

Step 5. Once the verification process is complete, you will see new image icon on the screen. You should select the external hard drive because it is where you want the new image saved.

Step 6. A compressed disk image of the contents of your disk will be created on the disk.

After you have got the backup, you can then move on to fixing the White screen of death - White Screen of Death

How to Fix the White Screen of Death

You may fix the white screen of death through the following Options

Option 1. Shut down the computer and disconnect all external devices. Try restarting the computer, and if it starts up, then one of the devices could be causing an issue. If it does not, try next option.

Option 2. Start computer in safe mode by pressing shift key as the computer starts up. When the apple logo shows up, you can release the shift button.  If it starts up, then restart it normally without pressing any button.

Option 3. You can also use the start-up disk if you had created one. To do this, start the Mac and press +R key immediately until you see the OS X utility menu. Select the disk utility and follow the commands. Make sure you select the repair disk. Then after it’s completed, reboot the Mac.

Before attempting any of the above options, it is essential that you have a backup of your computer first. To avoid losing your files, consider backing them up often. - White Screen of Death

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