TechMagy - HyperX Alloy Heavy Duty

HyperX Release Heavy-Duty Gaming Keyboard

HyperX Release; a new Heavy-Duty Gaming Keyboard from Kingston. Every gamer prefers a keyboard that gives them free control of their games; a device that is rugged to withstand all kinds of abuse if you like. You need a gaming device that will give you the flexibility of playing the game according to your emotions; feel untamed!

You need something mechanical, yet highly responsive and dynamic, with ultra-light weight features. How would you feel about the news of a gaming keyboard that allows you to take complete control over your gaming experience without the fear of getting it damaged in the game of play?

TechMagy - HyperX Alloy Heavy Duty

The HyperX good news

The gaming keyboard HyperX brand owner, Kingston, announced the inclusion of a highly versatile gaming keyboard that combines all the advantages of the best gaming keyboards in one.

Described as a Heavy-Duty Gaming Keyboard, the new keyboard christened Alloy Elite Mechanical Gaming keyboard, was designed to satisfy the yearnings of the gaming public, both veteran, and newbie.

Now it is even more possible to enjoy your favorite games with a device engineered to provide reliable support for your hobby.

Alloy Elite Mechanical gaming keyboard description

The gaming keyboard is a strategic gaming device designed to cater to the needs of mainstream and electronic sports game lovers, who need a reliable and high performing keyboard.

The Build

Beautiful and well crafted, colored in matte-dark charcoal gray with keys on slightly reflective surroundings. The series of small apertures help to prevent food crumbs getting caught in between the keys.

The overall size is 18.5″ x 7.67″ x 1.73″ of with mass weight of 2.01 lbs. This build is much better than the earlier Alloy FPS Model.

It is designed for the battlefield with ultra precise high-performance Cherry MX mechanical keys with rock-solid steel casings. It has red backlit keys with an 18 LED light bar to keep you on the battlefield all night long.

A fully packed multimedia keyboard with devoted media buttons including USB 2.0, N-Key rollover, anti-ghosting, and Game Mode.

The Features

Good finger tapping. The cherry mechanical keys guarantee over 50 million keystrokes with Cherry MX unmatched key switches, high key contact precision and unmatched reliability.

Save game specific profile. Its configuration tool allows you to save each game’s profile mid-game.

Macro creation. The macro editor allows the gamer to configure the lighting colors for a visual cue to know the status of the game.

Why is this best gaming keyboard for gamers?

Simplicity; the device is compact and supports USB pass-through and comes with a charging port. No need to install software to use; it is a ready to go, full throttle, plug and play device.

Customization; you can customize the keyboard to make your gaming easier.

Budget gaming keyboard; the keyboard is specific for gaming and does not include unnecessary color changes

TechMagy - HyperX Alloy Heavy Duty

Who should buy it?

Any gamer who wants a gaming keyboard that is simple and improves their games.


An important component of PC gaming is a reliable gaming keyboard. The Alloy Elite Mechanical gaming keyboard offers consistent actuation, better touch and better overall performance and reliability.

While there are other mechanical gaming keyboards in the market, it is recommended you buy the new HyperX keyboard to take your gaming experience beyond the next level.

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