- GoTenna Range - How GoTenna works The $300 GoTenna turns your smartphone into a CB radio, lets you send messages when you have no cell signal

How the GoTenna Range Improves Connectivity

Communication via GoTenna Range is thought to play a major role in the modern world. Most people are hooked to modern day cellular usage which enables them to interact with each other in a seamless manner. One instance that can be taken into account refers to the scenario when “Hurricane Sandy” struck its wrath on […]

Google turns on the world’s first modular smartphone, reveals more juicy details about Project Ara

Google’s Project Ara and Spiral 1 Revealed

At the 2014 I/O event, the announcement was made during the ATAP tech segment that Google’s Project Ara smartphone would be publicly turned on for the first time. Project Ara’s Chief, Paul Eremenko, provided a lot of technical information about the methodology of building a modular smartphone. When you look back at October 2013 to […]

AMD’s Skybridge Carrizo and Carrizo-L are both 28nm, mobile-only processors

AMD’s Skybridge; 28nm Mobile Only Processors

Just before the lights were turned off at CES until next year, we wanted to catch up with one of the stand-out companies in our eyes and find out about their plans for the tablet and laptop market coming into 2015. As in previous coverage, Advanced Micro Devices’s roadmap includes a new System on Chip […]

Lenovo P90 is the first smartphone powered by Intel’s 64-bit Atom

Lenovo P90 is the first smartphone powered by Intel’s 64-bit Atom

Over the past few years, Lenovo has been one of Intel’s stalwart partners in the mobile phone business. The company has launched multiple Atom-based devices going back to the original Medfield SoC, and this year is no exception. Lenovo announced its P90 phone today — the first smartphone based on Intel’s 64-bit Atom. Intel may […]