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New Feature on iPhone X

The iPhone has changed the world ever since it was unveiled by Steve Jobs last 2007. This year, Apple will launch its next-generation iPhone 8 on September 12th 2017 to celebrate the 10th year anniversary. Let’s have a look at more than just one expected new feature on iPhone X.

Several speculations and rumours have circulated around the internet regarding its features. The iPhone is going to be totally different with new features like a 3D camera and edge to edge OLED display. There have also been speculations about having a finger print sensor at the back of the phone.

Infinite OLED Screen

One of the new features of the iPhone X is its edge to edge organic light emitting diode (OLED) panel. This adaptation of the Samsung OLED display to the iPhone is highly anticipated by so many users because everybody knows that the crisp, clear and bright screen of the galaxy phone is the most beautiful display on the market.

OLED panels are far more superior to LCD because they provide a brighter display and are energy efficient, resulting in a longer battery life. What’s amazing with OLEDs is they can create light on individual pixels, except for black pixels that do not light at all. They are different from LCDs wherein there is a need for a separate backlight for the whole screen.

In OLED displays, pixels can individually shut off, which means that the screen can produce darker black pixels, resulting in “always-on display” that doesn’t consume as much battery life.

OLED displays offer a brighter screen, greater contrast and more vibrant colours resulting in a more vivid and captivating image. The OLED screen will cover almost the entire front of the phone, which is very sleek in design.

Another exciting new feature of the iPhone X is a virtual ‘home button’ which can be resized and hidden completely. Of course, the screen being covered nearly entirely with OLED will automatically call for a virtual home screen because there’s no more space left for the home button.

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Faster Face Recognition System

Security will never be the same again with this new feature on iPhone X. The new iPhone X will include primary and infrared sensors that will help recognise the user’s face both in a light and dark settings. With the OLED display, it will have a face recognition system that is quicker, more secure, and more accurate than the previous Touch ID.

3D Camera

Possibly the most exciting new feature on iPhone X is that the new iPhone will take videos to the next level with its 3D camera module. Both the front and rear camera will have 3D sensing abilities. The front 3D camera can scan faces in millionths of a second making the face recognition system exceptionally faster.

New Wireless Technology

The iPhone X will also have wireless charging support, as expected when it joined the Wireless Power Consortium earlier this year. However, the iPhone’s wireless charging capability is not as good as the Android’s when using the wireless charging.

A11 Chip Technology

If processing and power tick the boxes for you, then this new feature on iPhone X is what you have been waiting for. The new iPhone features a new A11 chip that is expected to beat any mobile processor in the world.

The iPhone X is anticipated to have a far superior processor in the A11. One report suggests that two-thirds of all chips are to be manufactured by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company LTD (TSMC), using a 10-nanometer FinFET process.

This will apparently shrink the technology even further than the previous 14- and 16-nanometer designs that were used in earlier iPhones. Interestingly, if TSMC shares its intellectual property on the open market with other manufacturers, it is quite likely that the A11 will appear in future Samsung releases also.

The A11 processor is expected to be up to 20% faster and has a lower power demand resulting in a 40% reduction on power drain. This is clearly more efficient than previous processors used by Apple, as we would expect in such a significant launch.

With its sleeker design and more advanced features, the iPhone X will be the most expensive iPhone to date, but despite the price, many iPhone fans are excited about the release of the new iPhone 8.

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