kinetic cooling technology New kinetic cooler is a heatsink that’s also a CPU fan

Kinetic Cooling Technology is a Heatsink and a CPU Fan

We all know how big and chunky CPU fans and heatsinks can be, and when they are so big that they annoyingly get in the way of configuring hardware on your computer it’s almost unbearable. Until now that is; through some ingenious innovation in kinetic cooling technology these two have been condensed and combined into a single component!

At the CES 2015 event, the promising startupCoolChip Technologies have done just that, taking the space constraints of working with a case packed with bulky components and making them ultimately easier to work with.

New kinetic cooler is a heatsink that’s also a CPU fan

If you are building a unit and find that you have specific size constraints, the CPU fan and heatsink can present a massive problem, quite literally. Some heatsinks have a tendency to tower above a processor, which means that you are often unable to close the PC case, or they may even cause problems with the location and installation of wires and components.

Some units just pump out way too much heat, this then makes it necessary to have a large heatsink. By condensing the heatsink and the fan into a single unit CoolChip Technologies are doing just that. The practicality of this kinetic cooling technology innovation not only is a saving on space, but the unit looks pretty cool too – pun intended.

New kinetic cooler is a heatsink that’s also a CPU fan

Having been dubbed as kinetic cooling, this unit has a circular heatsink. The flat aluminum component breaks many of the conventional ways of having done things and does not come with an attached fan. Instead of a fan attached as an almost afterthought, the unit itself spins and acts as a fan. Ingenious!

This slick looking heatsink and fan combination is made of two pieces.Over the top of the CPU, there is a metal fan on a metal plate. A high-quality bearing system gives the metal fan the ability to spin, with the whole unit acting as a heatsink. Both parts are strategically made from thin metal circles, each one offsets slightly from the next. This setup provides the space for air pockets between the metal circles, the fan is then able to pull the heated air out and move it away from the system.

New kinetic cooler is a heatsink that’s also a CPU fan

Like any other heatsink, this unit connects to the motherboard via pins, but it doesn’t drive the same volume of air as standard fans with a lower cubic feet per minute rating. Even though the cubic feet per minute rating is lower, CoolChip is more than confident that their kinetic cooling technology, all-metal design, and the construction of the system will more than makeup for any differential.

Being conveniently shallower than previous heatsinks, this unit will fit snugly almost anywhere in your system. And unlike less sturdy plastic fans, the CoolChip metal fan won’t lose shape and warp over time. My favorite aspect of this piece of kit is that CoolChip claims that the unit will make little to no noise; that’s quite an achievement for metal on metal.

Currently, the heatsink fan doesn’t have a name to speak of, but CoolChiphas some great info on their website about what they have achieved in the realms of kinetic cooling technology here.

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