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North Korea Nuclear Technology and its Consequences

The world seems to have been subjected to a rather delicate phase of time where certain nations seem to compromise the existent peace, especially with aid from North Korea’s Nuclear Technology. Among these countries comes in the name of North Korea, the self-proclaimed nuclear ace which is now at the brink of war. North Korea has been among those nations which have been seemingly threatening the peace of the world for over a decade.

Primarily a series of nuclear missile tests in forbidden and restricted regions brings forth the inception of such a threat. North Korea brings forth a new threat to the world with their freshly acquired arsenal of new and developed weapons. By virtue of Kim Jong Un Investment policies, the nation has been able to bring about a large number of nuclear technologies enabling the nation to act as one of the supreme nuclear nations.

techmagy - north korea nuclear technology

The Alliance

The alliance between the US and the East Asian allied countries has been reported to have stationed several strategi defense technologies and assets in several locations. The war does not seem to be inevitable, but making it off the charts following any provocation cannot be taken for granted either. So what could happen if North Korea finally decided to pull the trigger on the “nuclear silence”?

Can North Korea Nuclear Technology prove disastrous?

The US military and the South Korean regime are seemingly prepared for the inevitable. In case of a North Korean nuclear attack, the countries are indeed prepared with defense strategies that could turn the events for good.

The presence of US and South Korean counterstrike plans for such a situation is certainly of the top level. Japan is the nation that has been open to several other alternatives, but at the end of the day relying on the US defense systems cannot be taken off the charts at all.

In order to counter North Korea Nuclear Technology, the 3 staged defense system has been integrated by South Korea. The defense system has been structurally engineered in such a way that during a nuclear strike, the defense system can be activated to unleash “cruise missiles” and other forms of advanced warfare machinery to nullify the attack. The anti-ballistic missile systems have been stationed ethically by the US military so that the nuclear warheads can be effectively nullified.

The cruise missiles also perform the action of eliminating North Korean bases of war so that a major setback in the artillery support can be ensured. This defense mechanism by South Korea has been referred to as the “Kill Chain”. The “Operations Plan (OPLAN) 5015” is the US and South Korean joint response venture.

OPLAN 5015

The cruise missiles also perform the action of eliminating North Korean bases of war so that a major setback in the artillery support can be ensured. This defense mechanism by South Korea has been referred to as the “Kill Chain”. The “Operations Plan (OPLAN) 5015” is the US and South Korean joint response venture.

The OPLAN 5015 integral are classified but the plan has been known to consolidate the previous plans associated with the contingency. It is believed that the OPLAN 5015 shall bring about a major strike on the fundamental military supplies of North Korea. It would target the supply bases and military aircraft bases to cut –off backup supply and air support. There is also a possibility that the North Korea’s Nuclear technology could bring about the devastation of the leadership dynasty as well resulting in their downfall.

Role played by the United States in cases of provocation

The Hwasong 14 missile is an “intercontinental ballistic missile”. According to North Korean test reports, (which may be faked on part of North Korea), the missile is capable of long-range attacks compromising the defense of US territories. In the aforementioned case, the US military has consolidated plans to neutralize the nuclear warhead at the point of launch.  It has been reported that according to the “Joint Chief of Staff” the nuclear attack would be “taken out” at the launchpad itself.

Following such a scenario, the US army would be reluctant to counter-attack. This move could be lethal for North Korea owing to the fact that South Korean and Japanese intervention in the matters as part of the allies would spell disaster for the country. Several joint venture training drills between the US military and the South Korean military have been reported over the years. The countries have been jointly preparing for such a situation since a long period of time.

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The “Key Resolve Exercise” and the “Foal Eagle Drill” are among the premium joint venture plans to track down, assess and neutralize the North Korean Nuclear Technology strikes. The aim of the attack is to inflict utmost damage on the military and weapon facilities of North Korean regime.

techmagy - north korea nuclear technology missile

Challenges to counter North Korea Nuclear Technology

There are a certain set of challenges that need to be taken into account while countering the North Korean Nuclear Technology. Predominantly the North Korean missile technology has been integrated on mobile platforms. This makes it quite an independent form of offense system which could be hard to track or speculate at times.

The usage of solid fuelled missiles is another challenge to be taken a heed of. This enables the army to cut off on their preparation time for a nuclear attack or a simple counter-attack. The solid-fuelled missiles not only account for a lower preparation time but also aids in making North Korea Nuclear Technology harder to track down or intercept. The worst case scenario is that the attack provoked by North Korean regime could actually bring about the inception of war as its aftermath.

Any form of a surgical strike on North Korean bases would be pretty hard to justify diplomatically as well. As a matter of fact of the strike is a response to a speculated attack or nuclear technology defense, then it could well as result into an all-out war. The odds are tentatively in favor of the allies owing to the fact that the allegiance is far too strong for Kim Jong Un to handle by virtue of mere ballistic strength.

The speculated support from the Chinese government has been hanging by a thread as well owing to the fact that a war could spell disaster on Chinese trade relations globally. In either way, an attack imposed by North Korea Nuclear Technology would practically initialize a war, spelling disaster for the country itself.

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