- new missile technology by Pakistan Ababeel

Pakistan vs. India: New Missile Technology – Featuring Ababeel

The Pakistan missile program was first introduced as a strategic preparedness measure against any possible threats by their main competitor India, and any other country, including the U.S. and Israel. In 1998, Pakistan joined the list of countries with a successfully developed nuclear weapon and was ranked as the seventh state worldwide.

This was after the country had detonated their fifth highest enriched uranium-based nuclear weapons, followed by plutonium device, which was their sixth. Recently, new missile technology by Pakistan involved the testing of the new medium-range ballistic missile (MRBM) in which Ababeel, a surface to surface MRBM, was successfully tested. - new missile technology by Pakistan Ababeel

The Ababeel

The test conducted on the new missile technology by Pakistan was aimed at proving that Pakistan can still compete in the growing regional ballistic missile environment. According to the president of Pakistan, and his prime minister, the Ababeel launch was an important contribution by Pakistan in maintaining a balance of power in the Asia region.

The new missile technology by Pakistan in the Ababeel borrows from the previous versions of CSS-7 Shaheen I, and Shaheen II, and also features two-stage solid-fueled rocket motors that help in reducing the time it takes to launch a nuclear missile. - new missile technology by Pakistan Ababeel

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Where India Stands In Terms of Missile War Arms

According to the Pakistan National Development Complex, the country is engaged in developing new medium-range ballistic missile technology. However, reports indicate that the Ababeel could be the superior version of Shaheen-III because it features the improved terminal guidance technology, and several other modifications were done.

It still remains unclear whether Pakistan’s nuclear warheads can be fitted with the multiple independently targetable reentry vehicle (MIRV) technology, although reports indicate that the new missile technology by Pakistan caters for such warheads.

Nevertheless, the indication of intention to bring in new missile technology by Pakistan is clear enough to show that the relationship between India and Pakistan, in terms of a weapons race, could be set to escalate soon. This, therefore, is a dangerous stage in the nuclear arms competition among the Asian countries.

India Integrated Guided Missile Development Program

The India Integrated Guided Missile Development Program was started in 1970’s, and significant expansion plans have been motivated, driven by the preparedness of Pakistan, their major competitor. Therefore, in response to the new missile technology by Pakistan, specifically the Ababeel, India tested its own guided Pinaka multi-barrel launcher. This response was significant proof that the two countries are headed to crash. - new missile technology by Pakistan Ababeel

Given that the two countries are neighbors, and the fact that they conduct the tests just hundreds of kilometers from each other’s borders, this is a threatening indicator that soon there will very likely be a horrible incident.

The world, in general, is discussing the recent developments in weapons preparedness, and the recently concluded United Nations General Assembly (#UNGA) meeting called for an end to these tests being conducted. The major nuclear threat globally at this point in time is currently coming from North Korea.

Curiously, Pakistan has been implicated as being an aide to the North Korean missile success, and this came up recently in the #UNGA meeting. These sentiments were shared by India’s representatives at the meeting. However, the involvement of Pakistan in the development of North Korean missiles is a currently unsubstantiated story that has been making the rounds in the news headlines for years now.

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