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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Release

After the political crisis in South Korea and the change of governance in Samsung, the company is still trying to regain its stability and the lost market positions. With the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 release that might actually happen. Here’s why we believe the new Note 8 is a slam dunk – it’s not only the specs, it’s so much more.

TechMagy Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Release

The danger zone

The simple truth is that people have not forgotten about the explosions which came with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. While the company certainly wanted to “explode” on the market, they definitely didn’t want an actual physical event of the latter. Due to that very reason, we were quite skeptical on the new phone and started playing with it, while holding some doubts at the back of our minds.

Samsung has given an explicit promise, that there will be thorough, intensive battery checks in order to ensure that no such problem would ever happen again in the future. That enables us to disregard the issues from last year. Compared to the Galaxy S8, the Note 8 has a bigger, sharper screen, with better specs backing it up, however, it does come at a higher price at the same time.

TechMagy Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Release

The Specs

The screen is bigger – a 6.3-inch QHD+, with an Infinity Display. It’s colorful and bright, and probably the best screen that we’ve ever tested on an Android so far. You could watch movies on it without a doubt.

It comes in four different colors – the Deep-sea Blue, Orchid Gray, Midnight Black and Maple Gold, with an 8.6mm width of the phone.

Perhaps the biggest upgrade is the S pen. Its new design possesses 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity, making it much more flexible. Samsung obviously, still promote the idea that you would have the same experience as when you’re writing on a piece of sheet, which is simply untrue, however, it’s closer to it than ever before plus the writing is quite accurate.

TechMagy Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Release

The New Features

You could now create doodle gifs with the S Pen and even translate sentences with a single swipe. Remember when Apple brought out Siri? Well, the Samsung Note 8 will most likely revamp the digital assistant world by bringing out Bixby voice assistant. You would now be fully able to interact with your phone only via voice. It’s better to let you explore those functionalities by yourself though.

The everlasting problem with smart phones is the ability of their batteries to withstand for long periods of time while being used. Unfortunately, at first glance, the capabilities of the Galaxy Note 8 battery don’t look sufficient compared to the rest of the specs. However, we’ve been proven wrong in the past, so who are we to judge?

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Release is vigorously awaited by all phone enthusiasts around the world as it would be the best model Samsung has ever released, on the market, and as a whole, it looks incredible.

TechMagy Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Release

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