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Strange and Cool Things to 3D Print

Remember when the world went crazy over 3D televisions? Luckily 3D printing has a bit more longevity than that. It turns digital computer models into real-world objects by building up small particles of material in thin layers to produce the end product. It’s a pretty awesome way to create all kinds of things, and it’s currently being used across the world for making everything from children’s toys to prosthetic limbs. There certainly are some very strange and cool things to 3D print!

Why 3D printing?

Basically, 3D printing allows people and businesses to produce items without the need for expensive equipment. It also allows for the manufacture of things that have previously not been possible; like a new kidney.

It’s a very real possibility that your children will be printing their weekly grocery shop, thereby avoiding the need to wear pants to either

a) visit the supermarket, or

b) answer the door to a delivery driver.

What could I 3D print right now?

There are a plethora of cool things to 3D print right now. Plastic models, shoes, phone cases. Almost anything you can think of; especially if it’s made of plastic. Here are my top five strange and cool things to 3D print right now:

3D print your unborn foetus

3D print your unborn foetus, really? I know, right! I mean, who wouldn’t want a tiny replica of their unborn child? For those parents where a creepy 4D scan photograph isn’t enough, you can now upgrade to an extra-creepy life-size plastic model.

Think of all the fun you could have. You could take your unborn 3D foetus to the park and scare all the other children. Take it to the local soft play area and peacefully enjoy a latte while the other parents have to run around after their already born children.

You could also dress it in doll clothes and take it shopping. Practice the night feeds. The possibilities are endless! - cool things to 3d print

3D print chocolate

I know this comes in at number two on my list of strange and cool things to 3D print, but that’s because everyone loves chocolate, and a creepy 3D foetus was just too good to ignore! So yes, really, you can print chocolate!

Why are you still here reading this? You can now 3D print chocolate right now in the shape of anything your heart desires. Every day can be chocolate egg day, no more waiting impatiently for Cadbury to release their crème eggs, or lamenting the shrinking of Freddo over the years; just print your own! - cool things to 3d print

3D print a partner

Yes, that’s right, a partner! Are you fed up with your partner always having their own wants and needs? Or do you just have a bit of a thing for Jason Voorhees?

Either way, you can follow the lead of this genius French woman who has overcome all her relationship problems by just 3D printing herself a robot partner.

Think of all the stress you could avoid, no more arguing over what to watch on Netflix. No more intrusive questions about why you’re home late.

Sounds like bliss, right? Well, even though it has it’s upside, the downside with this addition to the strange and cool things to 3D print is that you’re still stuck with the dishes and washing the linen. Sorry. - cool things to 3d print

3D print a spare face

Are you tired of looking drained on a Monday morning? Sick of having to make sure that you’re clean shaven? Well, your hassles could all end here; simply print a fresh and happy looking 3D version of your face to pop on as needed.

Ladies, this could be the solution to your time management challenges when you’re rushing out the door and still putting your makeup on.

Rather than fumbling through your bag in traffic looking for your lippy, you can just choose the face for the day of the week you want, and just like that, you’re good to go. No tears over eyeliner slips while trying to turn at a busy intersection.

This can also work really well if you happen to be on a boring date. No one will know that you’ve drifted off to sleep as your 3D face looks back at them engagingly, and maybe a little bit creepily also.

Hmmm… I’m not so sure about that one now. - cool things to 3d print

3D print dead people

Ok, so if the face and the foetus weren’t creepy enough, the last one in my list of strange and cool things to 3D print is dead people. I don’t mean the Walking Dead type dead people, but if that’s what floats your boat, then hey, go for it. I mean your ‘no longer with us’ family.

Imagine how much fun it will be having Granny at the dinner table again come Christmas. Especially if you don’t give your other family members a heads-up first.

This could get a little out of hand with your family reunions becoming a good reason for your living relatives to give you a wide berth. Maybe that’s how you can get your annoying Uncle to stop visiting?

For the Sheldon Cooper types out there, you could form your own council of advisors made up of the genius minds, that’s minds inside their heads, not slimy looking exposed brains. Dinner parties with Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla could be a source of endless fun! - cool things to 3d print

So, there you have it, just a few of the strange and cool things to 3D print. If you could 3D print anything you wanted, what would it be?

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