- Intel’s Coffee Lake CPU Delivers 40% More Power

Intel’s Coffee Lake CPU Delivers 40% More Power

It seems that the most recent round of chips to be released in little more than the next 48 hours by Intel are destined to be quite the success.With the manufacturing based on the 14nm node, you can expect to witness something very much ‘next level’ from Intel’s Coffee Lake. The eighth generation chips from […]

AMD’s Skybridge Carrizo and Carrizo-L are both 28nm, mobile-only processors

AMD’s Skybridge; 28nm Mobile Only Processors

Just before the lights were turned off at CES until next year, we wanted to catch up with one of the stand-out companies in our eyes and find out about their plans for the tablet and laptop market coming into 2015. As in previous coverage, Advanced Micro Devices’s roadmap includes a new System on Chip […]