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Google Home vs Amazon Echo: Which Should You Choose?

Both Google and Amazon are globally recognized giants on the business stage, and both of the companies a while ago announced the release of smart speakers. This seems to be the latest thing with Google pushing advertising for Google Home through YouTube and Google Ads as if there were a war on smart speakers. With […] - Selecting The Best Electric Skateboard

Top 5 Tips For Selecting The Best Electric Skateboard

You’re in the market for an electric skateboard, like a couple million other people, and want to know how to spot a good deal. With such a strong demand for these hot little items, it’s hard to see a quality item sometimes when you’re bombarded with advertising hype and general noise. This rundown on the […] - Best Electric Skateboards - In Bound M1 Electric Skateboard

5 Best Electric Skateboards

Electrical skateboards have become popular and will come to replace vehicles. The following are top best electric skateboards that you can own in 2017. 1 – Boosted Board The boosted board delivers an exceptional ride experience since it is powerful with a 2000W battery. Unlike many longboards it has two drive systems; the front and […]

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HyperX Release Heavy-Duty Gaming Keyboard

HyperX Release; a new Heavy-Duty Gaming Keyboard from Kingston. Every gamer prefers a keyboard that gives them free control of their games; a device that is rugged to withstand all kinds of abuse if you like. You need a gaming device that will give you the flexibility of playing the game according to your emotions; […]