Valorem Token Airdrop - VLR

Valorem Token Airdrop Reveals A New Lending Platform

With the thousands of ICOs launching every year, it is difficult to identify which ones are worth exploring and putting your foot on the deal. A good strategy is to snatch up as many tokens as you can for free through airdrops and faucets where they are available. One recent airdrop that came to my attention […]

what is ethereum

Lessons from the Blockchain: What is Ethereum?

What is Ethereum, and why should I care? So if you are new to the cryptocurrency scene you may have heard about Ethereum, and have been wondering what is Ethereum? When I first found myself in this space it was quite a while ago, and Ethereum was really still very new. What is Ethereum? Many […] - self-learning artificial intelligence

Intel’s Self-Learning Artificial Intelligence Chip Codenamed Loihi

What comes to mind when you hear the words “self-learning artificial intelligence”? How do you imagine that the future could look in a world where complex decisions are made based on much more than a raw mathematical calculation? Is the thought of machine learning something that horrifies you, or are you excited about the possibilities […] - Intel’s Coffee Lake CPU Delivers 40% More Power

Intel’s Coffee Lake CPU Delivers 40% More Power

It seems that the most recent round of chips to be released in little more than the next 48 hours by Intel are destined to be quite the success.With the manufacturing based on the 14nm node, you can expect to witness something very much ‘next level’ from Intel’s Coffee Lake. The eighth generation chips from […]