TechMagy - Apple New Feature on iPhone X

New Feature on iPhone X The iPhone has changed the world ever since it was unveiled by Steve Jobs last 2007. This year, Apple will launch its next-generation iPhone 8 on September 12th 2017 to celebrate the 10th year anniversary. Let’s have a look at more than just one expected new feature on iPhone X. Several speculations and rumours […]

TechMagy - Is Artificial Intelligence Causing Unemployment

Is Artificial Intelligence Causing Unemployment?

The new quickly expanding, growing and advancing artificial intelligence industry is taking the world by a storm. This begs the question on everyone’s mind – Is Artificial Intelligence Causing Unemployment? The forecasts about the AI industry’s role in society are both optimistic and could lead to quite terrible results depending on who you ask. If […]

TechMagy Samsung Bixby Voice Assistant

Bixby Voice Assistant Revolutionalises Samsung Note 8

With the continued advancement in the tech world especially in the field of artificial intelligence, tech lovers have continued to be served with mind blowing innovations. One of such important innovations is in the area of artificial intelligence, particularly voice support technology that has without a doubt changed the feature of smartphones and other hand […]

TechMagy Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Release - Device S Pen IP68 Watertank

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Release

After the political crisis in South Korea and the change of governance in Samsung, the company is still trying to regain its stability and the lost market positions. With the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 release that might actually happen. Here’s why we believe the new Note 8 is a slam dunk – it’s not only […]