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Tesla Supercharger Stations Getting Bigger and Better

The electric car convention has been gaining a lot of popularity in a matter of years, and this tends to be among the primary reasons as to why Tesla Supercharger Stations are being intensified as well.

Tesla has been inclined towards providing its customers with provisions of charging their cars with relative ease.

TechMagycom - Tesla Supercharger Stations

Tesla Supercharger Stations Enhancing Customer Experience

In February 2017, the company officials revealed their plans of doubling their network of Tesla Supercharger Stations in order to enhance customer services.

Tesla recently made another announcement in which they quoted that they have been successfully able to integrate 10,000 new superchargers in the network which would be operational by the end of 2017.

In addition to these reports, Tesla has also been planning on building premier supercharger sites so that a significant number of cars can be easily supercharged at the same time.

TechMagycom - Tesla Supercharger Stations

Tesla Global Expansion

Tesla also has been planning on increasing the number of ‘destination charging locations’ (meant for the purpose of slower refueling) to a whopping 15,000 from its initial plan for 9,000 as their benchmark on the previous year.

An insight into the purposes of such a global expansion Tesla has been among those companies that have been striving for a refined customer service experience.

They have been on the lookout for enhancing their after-sales service so that their expanding customer base can reap the benefits on a global level. According to experts, the global expansion of Tesla Supercharger Stations brings about the following benefits:

It enables more Tesla drivers to charge their vehicles on the go, which earlier would have been a hassle as certain routes would be devoid of supercharging stations.

TechMagycom - Tesla Supercharger Stations

Increased Business Opportunities

The technological integration within the supercharging models enables faster charging, thus, saving time and effort, and bringing about the real essence of charging on the go.

From a business perspective, the increase in the number of Tesla Supercharger Stations brings with them a greater business opportunity as well.

Since more people globally are becoming intrigued by the cars, and are moving to purchase these over fossil fuel alternatives, there is an increased scope for trade supporting these stations.

TechMagycom - Tesla Supercharger Stations

Aggressive Acceleration of the Tesla Brand

The venture would significantly enhance the market acceptance of EVs as there would be provisions for better charging ports across various countries.

The venture has been sped up significantly ahead of “Model 3” productions so that a larger revenue model can be generated through sales.

Apart from the business point of view, the increase in the number of Tesla Supercharger Stations is directly associated with enhancing customer relations.

Since the company is still very much at an inception point comparatively, such steps do a lot to make a significant difference to market perceptions and responsiveness in the longer run.

TechMagycom - Tesla Supercharger Stations

Present day expansions of Tesla Supercharger Stations

The Tesla Supercharger Stations have expanded at an incredibly fast-paced rate over the years. In a matter of five years from their beginning, the company has been able to bring about 5,400 superchargers into action.

The enhanced number of superchargers would also mean that Tesla vehicles would gear up for more sales with the Model 3 being ready for production from mid-July of 2017.

The venture would make the previous ordeal of refueling EVs a significantly easier and faster task. This would help with the global expansion of electric vehicles improving the market penetration by almost 22%.

Presently, the charging models are capable of providing 80% power output in a matter of as little as 40 minutes. The company officials have hinted towards the fact that the new generation of Tesla Supercharger Stations could provide the same power output in a much lesser time.

This, once implemented will place the new units a league above the present ones.

TechMagycom - Tesla Supercharger Stations

The destination charger expansion projections remain a bit on the disappointing side, owing to the fact that equal attention has not been paid to it until sometime later. On the flip side, the integration of the Tesla trip planner has been one of the premier ventures to have overshadowed the expansion of destination chargers.

The destination chargers tend to be equipped for night traveling and highways, and therefore tend to be less frequent in number when compared to superchargers.

Addressing the present situations and limitations

The integration of the electric vehicle trip planner in the EVs brings about a new prospect. People will be easily able to gain access to necessary information on the trip which they have planned for. This will be of great value in that motorists can also gain insight on the supercharger and destination charger points en-route before their departure.

It is especially advantageous to those people who are navigationally challenged and are not particularly familiar with the road on which they are traveling. The trip planner also helps to avoid fiascoes with supercharger stations, as the users will be aware of the places to charge, and how far away they are situated.

This would also ensure that the users do not deviate from the path, resulting in an unwanted and futile depletion of charge; unless there’s something particularly amazing to see on the way.

TechMagycom - Tesla Supercharger Stations

Addressing the present situations and limitations

If the present day scenario is taken into account, Tesla drivers do have to go through a number of unwanted hassles compared to gas drivers. The refueling stations are comparatively few and far between, which makes for a rather daunting, long road trip.

With the increase in the number of Tesla Supercharger Stations, such a situation will be less of an issue, and the overall experience will be one of greater ease. The integration would make refueling a much easier task, and more people would opt for electric vehicles in the longer run.

As a matter of fact, the efficiency of the EVs would be statistically enhanced by as much as 30%. The move would also further reduce the costs of maintenance and travel with EVs as well.

TechMagycom - Tesla Supercharger Stations

Tesla aims at capturing major proportions of the market

From the supercharger expansion and EVtripping aspects being integrated, it is pretty clear that Tesla is looking forward to an enhanced market reputation within a very short period of time. The global expansion would definitively provide Tesla with the edge over conventional fossil fuel powered vehicles being used as of now.

The enhancement in the number of Supercharger Stations can be witnessed as a move that will bring about an increase in revenue, and positive market perceptions. Tesla is among the premier companies providing for electrical vehicles.

They have been the pioneer towards bringing about the concept of self-driven cars into action. With an enhanced number of Tesla Supercharger Stations on the road, market dominance is surely set on course for the company.

TechMagycom - Tesla Supercharger Stations

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