- GoTenna Range - How GoTenna works The $300 GoTenna turns your smartphone into a CB radio, lets you send messages when you have no cell signal

How the GoTenna Range Improves Connectivity

Communication via GoTenna Range is thought to play a major role in the modern world. Most people are hooked to modern day cellular usage which enables them to interact with each other in a seamless manner. One instance that can be taken into account refers to the scenario when “Hurricane Sandy” struck its wrath on New York City.

Mobile phone connectivity in an instant was lost. People had been subjected to a morphed situation which entitled them to zero connectivity with the outside world. It took days until a normal situation would prevail. - GoTenna Range - How GoTenna works - Daniela Perdomo
Tech Genius Daniela Perdomo

Techie, and Creation Master Daniela Perdomo was motivated to bring about a solution to such a scenario. Communication methodologies at this point of time had a miserable failure up their sleeve, and the tech master had to get around in some way or the other.

Perdomo came up with an idea that would bring forth the convention of a “completely decentralized connectivity system based on the interface of smartphones”. In layman’s terms, Perdomo was thinking of bringing forth a decentralized communication system for smartphones to connect with each other.

This meant that the connectivity was free from any type of centralization, service provider hassles, and network towers as well. And thus, GoTenna was born; the first ever decentralized communication system in the world.

It’s kind of like the smartphone equivalent of a CB radio - GoTenna Range - How GoTenna works The $300 GoTenna turns your smartphone into a CB radio, lets you send messages when you have no cell signal

Aim behind the inception of GoTenna Range

According to Perdomo, bringing about the prospect of seamless communications over long distances isn’t quite possible with conventional technology. Bluetooth connectivity is confined to a very short range, and therefore using it as the primary aspect of a decentralized network is completely out of the question.

The GoTenna Range, on the other hand, would allow connectivity over many miles, which indicates that people far distances from each other would be able to communicate without the use of any cellular network.

In terms of how GoTenna works, there are a set of basic architectural understandings that need to be brought up. Primarily GoTenna makes the use of Bluetooth for the purpose of transmitting data only. It primarily behaves as an “external hard drive” which provides for seamless communication requisites.

By the end of February 2014, the team heading the project had completed the development of the integrated circuit board. This was a significant achievement considering the fact that the team was looking forward to getting on the right track since GoTenna’s inception.

The prototype to follow up was brought forth in the month of March of the same year. The meshing of the radio frequency and the smart-phone technology was a major leap forward, since everyone was intrigued at what was to follow.

According to Perdomo, the Bluetooth in the smartphone acts as the receiver of the data, and transmits it to the GoTenna. The GoTenna range, on the other hand, is activated when these signals are converted into radio frequencies and transmitted over long distances. On the receiving end, the smartphone converts these signals back into machine language, following which, the person can finally interpret the data with ease.

According to Perdomo; - GoTenna Range - How GoTenna works The $300 GoTenna turns your smartphone into a CB radio, lets you send messages when you have no cell signal

Ensuring complete privacy on the go

The GoTenna encryption is yet another aspect that needs to be taken into account while speaking of the proficiency that GoTenna has in store for us. The GoTenna makes the use of “end to end encryption” by virtue of RSA 1024.

This is referred to as a “public key ciphering technology” which is technically advanced at this stage. The provision of “self-destruction of messages” is also available on the GoTenna range which ensures that the messages are not saved or stored in any way or the other across the servers.

Complete anonymity and privacy of the user is assured under this decentralized network of communication. - GoTenna Range - How GoTenna works The $300 GoTenna turns your smartphone into a CB radio, lets you send messages when you have no cell signal

Being decentralized, this is a free network. It means that the following provisions are ensured

  • One can receive and send texts on this network for free as it is decentralized and connected via radio frequencies.
  • The GoTenna range is impeccable and pretty high which on the contrary ensures that people can connect over very long distances.
  • It is also integrated with an “emergency chat function” which engages people within a very close proximity in case of any unwanted emergencies.

The GoTenna range is further enhanced by virtue of the integral GoTenna app.

The device does not make the use of Google location services for mapping. As a matter of fact, the location services on the GoTenna Range are offline as well, and not reliant on any form of network service provider or the internet. According to Perdomo, the maps had been specifically designed for offline functioning without the need for any network.

One of the other intriguing features of the GoTenna range is the fact that the associated users can set up their own networks for privacy.

GoTenna vs GoTenna Mesh

While GoTenna tends to be an independent offline network operating on radio frequencies, the GoTenna Mesh tends to connect the people on a common platform, that too without any form of internet connectivity. The mesh network actually allows the people to freely connect with the local people over real-time.

It would be fair to say that GoTenna seems to resemble the future of connectivity in terms of emergency. While the services tend to be far from what we get by virtue of the internet, the GoTenna Range is certainly intriguing as it is offline and one of the best options available for offline connectivity.

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