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7 Of The Most Dangerous Apps For Android

Android is one the most prominent operating systems in the world on the smartphone market. Its products have a much more extensive reach than Windows, iOS, Blackberry, and others. Most likely, you are reading this article on an Android smartphone right now, and you want to know “which are the most dangerous apps for Android?”

Smartphones come with some pre-installed apps, but Android gives flexibility for users to install third-party apps from Google Play store, or other off the radar sources.

If you are an Android user, you definitely know what Google Play store is. In case you are a first time Android user, then be sure to get almost all apps you need for your smartphone in the Google Play store.

However, it’s not all smooth sailing for Android users, even with the precaution of sticking to the Play store. There is a very real danger in the Play store of possible exposure to malware, this can be easily hidden in the apps themselves.

Nearly two and a half million Android users have become victims of downloading dangerous malware from the Play store in recent times. This article lists some of the most threatening apps for Android.

In my humble opinion, you should not attempt installing any of these apps on your smartphone.

Guide for FIFA Mobile

This app is mainly in found online in the Play store. Let’s be honest, everybody enjoys gaming, so it goes without saying that quite a few people have download this app.

The app claims to give guidelines to sharpen your skills to play FIFA. The claim is false since the guide has malicious software hidden within it. The malware will slowly corrupt your data, or worse, completely ruin your device.

If you currently have this app installed, you need to uninstall it immediately.

Numerous Android users have confirmed that the app contains malware that destroyed their data. You should be getting better tips for playing FIFA elsewhere. Avoid this app by all means.

Guide Dream League Soccer

We are still in the world of gaming and soccer. So far, according to Check Point, games apps are the most dangerous apps for Android. Users undoubtedly become targets of malware that manifest themselves as games apps.

This app can easily be mistaken to contain powerful tips that will make you soccer gaming experience smoother. But alas! Instead, expect to be disappointed once you install it.

The app currently has more than sixty thousand downloads on Google Play store. A number of users have already sent complains to Google requesting to remove this app.

If it is among your installed apps, take no chances with it. For those who are thinking of installing it, get your soccer lessons elsewhere, and not from this app. - most dangerous apps for android


For some time now, this app has been regarded an essential companion when accessing your gallery.

Its developer has been accused of uploading the data of users to their servers. But what for?  They have not been able to answer that question just yet.

You deserve privacy whenever you use any third party app. A company collecting your personal data that then knowingly infringes on your privacy and reduces your security is not to be trusted, therefore, avoid this app by all means.

ES File Explorer

This app has been downloaded over half a million times!

Most users will agree that it is one of the coolest applications for exploring files. Honestly, the app has diligently served Android users for half a decade. Things of late, however, have started changing since it’s now filled with additional advertised app suggestions, which then increases your exposure to malware on any devices with this app installed on it.

The app, in my opinion, is therefore no longer reliable from a security standpoint, and it deserves to be counted among the most dangerous apps for Android.

Avoid it and get yourself a better file explorer such as FX File Explorer, which can be set as your default explorer. - most dangerous apps for android

Dolphin Web Browser

This video-enabled browser has more than a hundred million downloads!

It has been really popular over time, however, the primary concern is that the developer uploads all your information.

These include your current location and your device’s classified information such as phone IMEI and model.

Since when did developers become the CIA or the FBI? Your data should never be collected without your knowledge and permission.

Some users have also complained that the app introduces malware links, which, when opened can easily corrupt your data.

This app should not be on your download list. In case it is already installed; do yourself a good favor and uninstall it.

Clean Master

Are you surprised to find this app on this list?

Well, that is the situation. This app is one of the most popular apps in Play store with over five hundred million downloads.

It presents disturbing additional downloads which have proved to be malware. There is nothing like managing your RAM and battery charge using this app. It is just a pure hoax.

It is worth noting that your Android device has its own mechanism for managing RAM and battery. You don’t need this annoying app that will only give way to malware.

UC Browser

Everybody is a fan of cheap browsing. Any browser app that seems to manage data economically is sure to be highly prized. And UC browser falls under this category.

This app is however not the best one as it sends user’s data to developers. If it can send data, be sure it can as well be an avenue for the entrance of malware.

You need to avoid this app too. Try better alternatives, such as Google Chrome.

While different developers are coming up with several apps to help you do one or two things on your smartphone, your security is very critical.

Ensure you vet the apps you install on your device and if possible, enquire from several other users before installing them to make sure you are not falling prey. Keep your guard up against the most dangerous apps for Android.

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