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The much awaited iPhone X release date

Just when you thought you have seen it all, the news of the impending release of the iPhone 8 (revealed as the iPhone X in celebration of the 10 year anniversary) leaves you breathless. For many tech savvy people who know the value of investing in a premium smart phone, they can’t wait to get hold of the new iPhone X and all that it has to offer as it promises to revolutionize the tech world.

This isn’t surprising given the fact that Apple and the iPhone have never failed on the promises of always delivering something incredible to its faithful users.

While we are still enjoying the incredible features of the iPhone 7, the all new iPhone X promises to wow tech lovers who are looking for more from their smartphones. Remember, it’s Apple’s 10th anniversary and they intend to make a statement with the iPhone 8.

In fact, the design of the iPhone X will give Samsung and other smart phone giants a run for their money. With an obvious diversion from their signature design, Apple presents you with an iPhone X that has been dubbed the future of smartphones.

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Guess you can’t wait to get hold of the iPhone X already? We too can’t wait to get one in our pockets. This is what we are hearing about the release date for the iPhone X.

iPhone X release date

If rumors are anything to go by, then it is expected that the iPhone X would be released on September 12, 2017. This is according to rumors filtering out of the famed Steve Jobs Theatre, Cupertino, California.

To whet your appetite, the iPhone X is expected to sport a breathtaking design, not to mention a full face screen with no home button. This would not be the first time Apple has broken all stereotypes by offering users something absolutely stunning.

And that’s not all! There are tons of other amazing features on the iPhone X that users will drool about. Let’s run you through some of them. We hope you find it as intriguing as we did.

Features of the iPhone X

Now, apart from the iPhone X release date, to the part you all have been waiting for; the breathtaking features of the iPhone X. Like we stated earlier, Apple is introducing a new design into the smartphone world with the impeccable design of the iPhone 8.

But far from its design, there are other amazing features that iPhone lovers should look forward to.

A brand new glass back with a formidable stainless steel frame

Much like the iPhone 4, the iPhone X is expected to sport a glass back with a formidable steel frame. But the difference is that the flat sides of the phone with its curved edges will add a new charm to the iPhone X altogether. Here is what some reliable sources are saying.

“Apple has departed from its signature design consistent with its previous model. With the iPhone X, all models will sport a solid glass back which is quite different from metal casings consistent with previous iPhones. With this new development, we should expect a rock solid iPhone X that will not easily rip apart or crack with each fall.

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Artwork by Nodus and Gordon Kelly
iPhone X features an OLED display

With the plan to fit the iPhone X with an edge-to-edge organic light emitting diode (OLED) display, Apple plans to skyrockets users viewing experience to a whole new level. The iPhone X release date, we believe, can’t come around quick enough.

The new OLED display is much thinner than previous displays, and guess what? It promises to be more energy efficient than what LCD can offer on previous iPhone models.

What should users expect from this OLED display? We are glad you asked. The OLED display promises better image quality, much-improved brightness, an amazing contrast, a fuller viewing angle and lots more.

A much-improved finger print scanner fused with touch button on the rear side

With the iPhone X release date so close there is something amazing to look forward to here. Like we stated earlier, Apple did a lot of restructuring to the original designs to come up with the iPhone X. Unlike having a finger print scanner fused in the home button like they did with the iPhone 7, the touch ID will be graciously fixed on the rear of the iPhone X.

The new iPhone X will spot a vertical dual camera

If leaked images are anything to go by, then the iPhone faithful should expect to see a vertical dual camera fitted on their iPhone X.

From the pictures on the internet, we can say that this is quite cool and much better than previous iPhones.

Its front camera will be embedded into the display

This is another sleek feature that promises to wow iPhone lovers. The iPhone X is expected to have its front facing camera embedded into its display. The front camera is expected to be powered by PrimeSense technology with three modules 3D sensing abilities.

There you have it guys, all you need to expect from the iPhone X. Let the countdown begin!

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