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Understanding eyeblaster/addineyeV2-secure.html Error

When your website is using remnant providers, an incorrect advert may come from one of your providers leading to eyeblaster/addineyeV2-secure.html which is an error 404 issue. What causes this is that the file that is being requested is not being served and therefore your website users are redirected to see the page that shows this error.

Many website owners will link this error to a hacking activity, but it is not. However this is a big issue because if the visitors are redirected to this page, they will tend to leave your website immediately, and therefore traffic goes down substantially. It is good practice for you to identify the root cause of the issue and put in place a suitable on-page control immediately.

The next action you need to take is identifying where the visitors are coming from before being directed to this page on your site. This means you have to check your Google Analytics report. Download the navigation summary, it should help you identify which pages that redirect visitors to this error.

You might realise that most of the visitors are coming from a previous page. This error might be caused by the pushdown creative’s used by the remnant provider when they want to show an advert on that page. Therefore the visitors could also be from an outside link and not previous page on your site

A push-down creative is an expanding script from the Ad network which pushes the content of your page to show an advertisement Therefore, your error might be related to the eyeblaster ad network, and blocking it might help in dealing with the error.

Another strategy is to consider adding information to the page so that it displays some content if users are redirected. Several webmasters will advise that you add a javascript that will serve these Ads, however, the best method is to avoid an ad network that forces you to add content to your website. In this case, you would then have to go to Adsense and block it from there.

www.techmagy.com - eyeblaster addineyeV2-secure.html

Blocking from Adsense to reduced eyeblaster/addineyeV2-secure.html Errors

Open your browser and log into the Google Adsense then click on ‘allow and block ads’ tab. On the search box, type eyeblaster.

This means that the ads that were being sent to your website will not be sent any longer, and therefore the visitors will not be seeing this error again.

You will be able to advertise ads that come from remnant providers who behave better in the current marketplace than their predecessors.

You have to continue monitoring this because other ad networks could be using the same script. Therefore if you notice them, you should do the same thing, because it affects the quality of your page.

After blocking them, you can come back later, after a few weeks possibly, and unblock them to see if they stopped sending the script.

You might notice some revenue changes after blocking the ad network, but then the users of your content will have a nice experience, hence you will continue ranking higher on the search engine.

Eventually, the revenue will increase because you will have gained more traffic owing to the fact that user experience is good. Removing errors related to eyeblaster/addineyeV2-secure.html, and any other errors you notice that result in 404 pages on your site, will support improving the user experience.

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