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Unveiling the SpaceX Spacesuit Design and Integrals

On the 23rd of August, 2017, Elon Musk revealed the first ever visuals of the SpaceX Spacesuit design which is set to be crafted for future space missions, especially keeping in mind the 2024 Mars mission. The design was portrayed on the official Instagram account of Elon Musk in which Elon Musk reveals that the design “actually works” and was not merely a dummy show.

The emphasis on the fact that the design actually works further enhances the fact that the production of this SpaceX Spacesuit is in full swing.

Elon Musk further quoted that the SpaceX Spacesuit design has been tested and subjected to “double vacuum pressure” and that the aesthetics and functions associated with the design were pretty difficult to balance - SpaceX spacesuit design

An insight into the SpaceX Spacesuit design

On the surface level, the futuristic design if the space suit is pretty appealing. The suit primarily features a helmet which seemingly resembles and a “low weight design” which is pretty intriguing.

On the surface level again the design is minimalistic and simple when compared to the bulky and intensive attire of the conventional space suits.

When compared to the conventional space suits used by the astronauts of NASA, the SpaceX spacesuit design is simple and around 70% less bulky.

This also tentatively points to the fact that the SpaceX spacesuit design may actually have been integrated for transport in the spaceship, rather than being meant for a spacewalk. The “black and white aesthetics” that have been used on the space suit further help to enhance the futuristic design.

The suit has been specifically designed for the NASA astronauts so that they can wear it for their future missions in the “Dragon Capsule”.

The first Dragon Capsule mission to schedule for the year 2018 is an attempt towards ensuring that the 2024 Mars mission attains a certain level of prominence and assurance. The “Dragon Capsule Mission” primarily aims towards ferrying the astronauts to and fro the International Space Station.

Enhanced details of the space suit have not been completely revealed, but Elon Musk has reported that further intrinsic details shall be provided to the common public in the days to follow.

About a year ago there had been reports of a few leaked images on Reddit which seemingly resemble the design of the SpaceX space suit. It is worth noting that the SpaceX space suit design which was revealed by Elon Musk is actually quite similar to the ones to have been published on Reddit.

Designed for space flight rather than a spacewalk?

The design of the SpaceX space suit is pretty minimalistic and pretty compact as well. When compared with the conventional flight suits used by NASA and other leading space research agencies across the world, the design seems sleek and really appealing.

However, the space suits that are meant for space-walk seemingly portray a bulkier side to it. Mostly the space suits comprise of multiple layers which protect from the harmful cosmic rays of the sun which pass through “zero barrier environment” onto the subject.

Without the protective layers, an astronaut would be subjected to millions of these particles per second which could potentially be fatal within seconds. The SpaceX spacesuit design certainly does not feature any type of spacewalking essentials but certainly, accounts for a phenomenal passenger suit. This suit provides for better mobility along with enhanced digit control for the human body. - SpaceX spacesuit design launch

The needs for exploration have been through a series of notable changes over the years. The SpaceX spacesuit design is crafted for the Dragon Capsule missions which are expected to take traces of human civilization to the planet Mars.

This means that the people on the mission will have to perform little to no spacewalk. Practically they would be needing suits which would enable them to walk on the surface of planet Mars and therefore the SpaceX suit serves the purpose.

Elon Musk while moving ahead of the Uber Scandal wishes to ensure that the future endeavors are ethically implemented. The advancement in technology coupled with the futuristic design will allow the people to roam freely and easily with help from the space-suit.

The motility of body parts would increase which is significantly compromised with present-day space suits. During the “Mercury Space Programme” which remained operational from the year 1958 till 1963, the space suits that had been used were significantly less bulky.

This was owing to the fact that the spacesuits did not have an oxygen cylinder attachment as the astronauts did not leave the space shuttle.

The New Features

The SpaceX space suit design seems to have been largely crafted from this conventional ideology, though the need for an oxygen supply mechanism is inevitable for the Mars mission.

It is believed that future technological advancements will surely pave a way for integrating the O2 supply provision without hampering the aesthetics of the suit design. Elon Musk could actually integrate such technologies into the futuristic design that the issue of oxygen could be resolved for all future space missions.

The SpaceX space suit design seemingly resembles a much better and sleek enhancement when compared with the latest revelation of the “NASA Z-2 suit”. The design of the Z-2 was revealed in the year 2015 and was envisioned to be a significant enhancement in the design proficiency of space travel.

It was less bulky, sleek and perfect for ensuring better traces of muscle mobility. The SpaceX spacesuit, however, seems to be a stage above the Z-2 with a much more prolific and scientific design making it lightweight and incredibly efficient.

The final take

The spacesuit seemingly does portray the future of space travel, if not spacewalk. It could be ideal for future planetary missions with a set of expected enhancements. Overall the sleek design with all those aesthetics could actually bring about the story of “The Martian” into existence. The futuristic SpaceX spacesuit design is indeed intriguing and certain a definite leap in futuristic space travel.

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