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What To Do When You Get A White Screen On Your MacBook Pro

A while ago I encountered this problem like you have recently; the dreaded white screen on your MacBook Pro. I searched online using my brother’s PC (yuck). After what seemed like hours of fumbling around with the clunky Windows operating system, and searching the net with not much success, I eventually figured out what to do. I had to take one piece of information from one web page, and some from another to get my MacBook Pro to finally wake up again.

What happened was that my Mac would turn on but it would jam on a white screen just after the bootup sound. The screen stayed white and nothing much else would happen. I left it for hours, and even overnight, to see if there was an update that was just taking ages to finish in the background. Nope, that didn’t work.

I tried running the battery right down and then rebooting to see if this would help. Again, no success. What I found out was that the white screen, also known more affectionately as ‘the white screen of death’ meant that my MacBook Pro (same goes for the OS and the OS X)could not boot up as a result of either a hardware or a software problem. Turns out that this is most likely a systems issue. So I’ve pulled all of the pieces that helped me fix this issue together, and added the workarounds I figured out for the gaps that I encountered to help you solve the problem of getting a white screen on your MacBook Pro.

White screen on your MacBook Pro: How to fix the white screen of death

This type of problem can usually be fixed quite easily, so don’t freak out too much about the white screen of death, you can usually recover from this.

What normally is a huge help is if you have maintained consistent backups along the way in the life of your MacBook Pro. I know, that sounds like a great idea after the fact – “Sheehsh, you could have told me that months ago” you may be thinking. I know, I had the same feeling, but we can get through this.

Follow the next series of steps and see if they help. We will work through a range of strategies to see which one solves your problem of fixing the white screen on your MacBook Pro, starting with the least destructive to your data, through to “I’m really sorry, but this is going to hurt”. I hope for your sake that the fix that you find eliminates the white screen of death comes up much sooner than it did for me.

Sometimes the problem can be as simple as a third-party device which has caused your MacBook Pro to not load up as normal. Try turning off your MacBook Pro and disconnecting any peripheral and wireless units, shut down any connected Bluetooth devices other than your keyboard and mouse, and try steps 1 to 3 as below.

If the keyboard and mouse are not an Apple product, it would be worth your while to swap these out for an Apple keyboard and mouse to see if they are the issue. If you have installed an expansion card, try removing this also.

If your system boots up, happy days! All you need to do now is figure out which device is the culprit and deal with it swiftly. I suggest evisceration for the guilty party in this case. How dare a their-party device mess with your MacBook Pro?!

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