- White screen on your MacBook Pro

What To Do When You Get A White Screen On Your MacBook Pro

To run a ‘Safe Start’, once you have booted up in Single User mode follow the steps below to access another order in the terminal. When you have access to the terminal window, type the following:

White screen on your MacBook Pro

Check to see if the inspection system is working. Once this has been completed you can expect to see one of the two following messages:

White screen on your MacBook Pro

If you can now see an ‘OK’ message, the next step is to input the ‘Reboot’ command followed by pressing ‘Return’. However, if you get a message saying this hasn’t been changed, you will need to run the above command again. Keep repeating the file review system command until you get an ‘OK’ message, and then enter the ‘Reboot’ command and press ‘Return’.

Once you have entered the necessary UNIX commands you will need to type ‘REBOOT’ and them press ‘Return’ for these to be actioned.

White screen on your MacBook Pro

Reinstall MacOS or OS X

Ok, so if you have come this far then there is not much in the way of going back. When you reinstall MacOS or OS X you’ll lose data on your device, unfortunately. I know this is not the desired outcome, but if you have reached the point where it is more important to be up and running again from a nuts and bolts perspective, then I’m going to guess that you’ll decide to take the jump with this.

So you may be ready to do a full reinstall to overcome white screen on your MacBook Pro, but before you do anything this drastic, double check your device and work through steps 1 to 3 again, just in case. I’ll be here hoping this fixes the white screen of death for you. If not, and you want to push on, then you will need to complete a full reinstall.

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